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English 9 is a course designed to prepare ninth grade students for success in reading and writing, with engaging lessons and practices aligned to Common Core State Standards.
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English 9CP Teacher
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Nordonia High School

English 9 Honors Teacher
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English 9 CP Class Overview:

The focus of the course content is on the PURPOSE of communicating effectively in both writing and speaking. Through a variety of studies and activities, students will evaluate authors’ and speakers’ purposes for communicating, and analyze the tools used in order to achieve each purpose.

Students will study and model the “Why”, “How” and “What” in communicating. They will be led through a process to develop mastery in establishing a clear purpose (the “why”) for their own writing/speaking, demonstrating how to organize ideas and content in the appropriate style and structure for its purpose, and discover what the necessary evidence is that must be included to support the intended purpose.

At large, this course is designed to meet all ninth grade objectives aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) with intent to prepare students for academic success in college. Students will be required to exercise and hone study and research skills, grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary usage, communication skills, literary deconstruction and analysis, as well as complete “all other duties as assigned”.

Student Learning Objective:

English 9 focuses on the PURPOSE of communicating effectively in writing and speaking.
Students will:
  • Evaluate an author/speaker’s purpose for communicating (writing and speaking).
  • Analyze tools used by skilled authors to achieve their purpose (modes of writing;).
  • Develop a clear purpose for their own writing (to inform/teach, narrate/entertain, argue/persuade).
  • Organize writing style and structure appropriate for its purpose (eg. essay/thesis, argument/claim, story/plot, etc.).
  • Incorporate evidence to show purpose (eg. support for thesis; opposing viewpoint; dialogue, etc.).

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